The quality of gas is the compliance of its physical and chemical properties with the established regulatory documents. The main indicator of the quality of natural gas is the heat of combustion (caloric content). The higher the caloric value of natural gas, the lower the amount of gas consumed by the consumer to increase the temperature of the room.

In accordance with the provisions of the Code of the gas transmission system, approved. Resolution of the National Commission for Regulation of Economic Competition №2493 of 30.09.2015, responsible for gas quality is:

  1. at entry points (except for entry points on the interstate connection) - Operators of adjacent systems, adjacent gas production companies that supply natural gas to the gas transmission system at the point of entry. At the points of entry at the interstate connection, the customer of transportation services is responsible;
  2. at the exit points - the Operator of the gas transmission system.

Determination of physical-chemical parameters and other characteristics (hereinafter - PCP) of natural gas is carried out at entry points and exit points.

Determination of PCP of natural gas at the exit points of the gas transmission system is carried out by the gas transmission system operator under the conditions specified by this Code and agreed with the operators of adjacent systems or direct consumers, using automatic flow devices (automatic chromatographs and hygrometers) and / or measuring laboratories.

The quality of gas supplied by YU GAS LLC meets all norms and standards. The gas meets the standards of humidity of natural gas, explosion safety, air, nitrogen, inert and other non-aggressive gases used in various technological processes of industry, oil and gas industries, energy and agriculture. The main indicator of natural gas quality is heat of combustion (calorific value). The higher the calorific value of natural gas, the less gas the consumer will spend on raising the temperature of your room.

Physical-chemical indicators of the supplied natural gas correspond to the interstate State Standard 5542-87 "COMBUSTIBLE NATURAL GASES FOR INDUSTRIAL AND MUNICIPAL PURPOSES", Technical conditions , the Code of the gas transmission system, the Code of gas distribution systems.

One cubic meter (cubic meter) taken into standard conditions is taken as the unit of gas quantity measurement, which is reduced to standard conditions: gas temperature (t) = 20 degrees Celsius, gas pressure (P) = 760 mm of mercury (101.325 kPa).

You can find information about the current physico-chemical indicators of gas by the links: