Information on the supply of petroleum products


The Сompany is engaged in the supply of petroleum products, which is confirmed by the presence of a license to carry out trading activities. U-GAZ LLC fruitfully cooperates with the leading companies of Ukraine in the oil supply market.

We guarantee high quality fuel for the efficient operation of your company's equipment. Our diesel fuel is free of harmful impurities and meets international standards, which is confirmed by the necessary manufacturer certificates and quality passports.
        We offer you fast delivery of diesel fuel 10ppm ULSD without intermediaries by our own transport throughout the territory of Ukraine with a volume of 25 metric tons or more (30 m3 or 30,000 liters).

The supply of diesel fuel is carried out under the contract for the supply of petroleum products. To establish fruitful and long-term cooperation with partners, we offer individual pricing with payment terms convenient for the needs of your company.