Information on the supply of agricultural products

Our main task is to find and export agricultural products, which is achieved through a multifaceted approach that includes both direct cooperation with producers and partnerships with high-level intermediaries. This strategic balance ensures that we consistently deliver the highest quality products to the global market.
         Our procurement process is versatile, reflecting our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our customers. We provide products on various terms including EXW, FCA, CIF and DAP according to the internationally recognized Incoterms 2020 standards.

In the field of transportation of these goods to the ports, we use the possibilities of modern logistics.
Our integrated road and rail transport systems guarantee an efficient and safe route from the producer to the port. This unwavering pursuit of excellence throughout underscores our unwavering commitment to maintaining integrity.
           We pride ourselves on maintaining a seamless and reliable supply chain from source to destination, ensuring the continued availability of the highest quality agricultural produce and the quality of the goods we export.

Thanks to the strategic combination of direct cooperation with manufacturers and partnerships with proven intermediaries, we create a wide range of products that meet the requirements of the constantly changing world market. Our rigorous selection process, which meets the highest industry standards, ensures that only the best products enter the market and enter our supply chain.

We understand that reliability and transparency are paramount. Our commitment to these principles is reflected in our commitment to the internationally recognized Incoterms 2020 standards. Whether products are purchased on EXW, FCA or DAP terms, we maintain clear communication and foster understanding with all stakeholders.

Our commitment to supply quality goes beyond the deal – it's about maintaining relationships, fostering growth and promoting the viability of agribusiness on a global scale. Join us as we continue to redefine the art of delivery, ensuring that quality, reliability and integrity remain at the heart of what we do.

For transportation, we use vessels of various classes designed for efficient transportation of various agricultural cargoes around the world. From grain to oilseeds, our vessels ensure reliable and safe deliveries to international markets.
We strictly adhere to Gafta and FOSFA standards, supporting fair practices, transparency and product quality in the agricultural trade. These standards ensure uninterrupted transactions and reduce risks for all parties.

Our partnerships and distribution network allow us to deliver your agricultural products promptly and in optimal condition. We simplify customs procedures and documentation, expanding your market reach.
We contribute to global agricultural growth through responsible export practices, supporting economies and food security around the world.

At the heart of our success is a diverse group of experts, each with a unique skill set and shared passion for agribusiness.
Every member of our team plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth operation of our supply chain, from procurement to export.


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