About us

The main activity of UG-GAZ LLC (Ukraine, Odessa), registered in December 1998, is the supply of natural gas. The company has supplied more than 6  billion cubic metres of natural gas during the period of operation. Moreover, imports of natural gas from October 2015 amounted to around 30 million cubic metres.

More than twenty years of successful experience in the energy market, more than 350 regular consumers - legal entities, has allowed to form a system of comfortable customer service, while maintaining an individual approach to each customer.

We sell natural gas and electricity to consumers in all 24 regions of Ukraine.

Kirovograd Oblast
Cherkasy Oblast
Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
Ternopil Oblast
Khmelnitsky Oblast
Poltava Oblast
Nikolaev Oblast
Zaporizhzhya Oblast
Kherson Oblast
Donetsk Oblast
Lugansk Oblast
Kharkiv Oblast
Sumy Oblast
Lviv Oblast
Vinnytsia Oblast
Odessa Oblast
Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast
Chernivtsi Oblast
Transcarpathian Oblast
Kiev Oblast
Zhytomyr Oblast
Rivne Oblast
Volyn Oblast
Chernihiv Oblast
Autonomous Republic of Crimea

Advantages of the UG-GAZ company

Having stable suppliers and a team of specialists with many years of experience in the field of energy, the Company is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with your company.
We offer a stable and uninterrupted supply of natural gas and electricity.
The advantages of our company are:

Flexible payment procedure convenient for the needs of your company

Individual approach to each client

Transparency of the natural gas supply chain

Existing mechanisms for energy efficiency

Prompt resolution of issues related to transportation and accounting of natural gas

Maintaining electronic document flow between supplier and consumer

Facilitating the installation of new systems for remote data transmission from meters

Facilitate the installation of monitoring software for efficient consumption

Consultations on natural gas consumption and public procurement organization

In accordance with the requirements of the Law №329-VIII of April 9, 2015 "On the natural gas market", LLC "UG-GAZ" received EIS - code 56X930000001300C.

Our company is always ready to discuss the price of natural gas with each consumer separately, taking into account changes in the payment schedule, consumption and nuances of economic activity of the consumer.

UG-GAZ LLC has established itself on the market as a reliable and honest partner. We are ready to start detailed negotiations and will be happy to answer all your questions.