The order of submission and consideration of complaints, appeals, claims

Instructions for submission and procedure for consideration by the electricity supplier of appeals, complaints and claims of the consumer regarding the provision of electricity supply services

In case of violation of his rights and legitimate interests, the Consumer must first apply to the Supplier with an appeal / complaint / claim (in any form) to eliminate the violation by such Supplier and restore the rights and legitimate interests of the Consumer. Appeals / complaints / claims are submitted in writing, signed by the authorized person of the Consumer or in the form of a scanned copy to the e-mail address [email protected] also signed by the authorized person.

To the appeal / complaint / claim the Consumer must add available originals of decisions or copies of decisions made on his appeal / complaint / claim, as well as if there are other documents necessary for consideration of the appeal / complaint / claim, which after his (her) consideration returned to the Consumer.

If the appeal does not contain the data necessary to make an informed decision, the Supplier may, within a maximum of 3 calendar days, contact the Consumer for additional information necessary for him to fully and objectively consider the appeal / complaint / claim.

In case the Consumer does not provide the necessary information (documents), explanations on the circumstances specified in the appeal / complaint / claim, the Supplier shall provide the Consumer with an explanation (answer) based on the information available to him. Failure by the Consumer to provide additional information is not a ground for the Supplier to refuse to consider the Consumer's appeal / complaint / claim.

Upon receipt of the appeal / complaint / claim from the Consumer, the Supplier shall register it and consider it in accordance with the procedure established by the Rules of the retail electricity market approved by the Resolution of the National Commission for Electricity Market Regulation №312 of 14.03.2018.

Based on the results of consideration of the complaint, the Supplier may make the following decisions:

notices of apology, clarifications, notices of remedial action taken, notices of damages / compensation, etc.

If the Consumer does not agree with the decision made on his application / complaint / claim, he may appeal such a decision by sending a complaint to the Regulator or the Energy Ombudsman.

The complaint may be filed by the Consumer with the Supplier within 1 year from the date of the decision of the appealed Supplier, but not later than 1 month from the day following the day of acquaintance or receipt by the Consumer of this decision. The supplier has the right not to consider a complaint filed in violation of the specified deadline.

The decision of the Regulator, the Energy Ombudsman or the Supplier, which considered the appeal / complaint / claim, in case of disagreement with it may be appealed by the Consumer by going to court within the time limits provided by the legislation of Ukraine.