Electrical safety threat message

Electrical safety hazard messages are information about events that pose a hazard to the electrical safety of people, animals or may lead to system failures or equipment accidents at work, provided for the purpose of rapid response and rapid localization of events.
In the event of such events, it is necessary to immediately, keeping a safe distance from the scene, notify about the danger to others, prevent approaching the scene of accidental passers-by or animals and report what happened, by means of communication or deliberate direct supervisor or other authorized person at the enterprise.

Managers of the consumer enterprise must objectively assess the situation and determine the consequences of events that pose a threat to electrical safety, organize, if necessary, the provision of first aid to victims.
In case of fire of electrical appliances, the consumer must immediately call the fire service by phone "101". In case of theft or damage of electrical equipment, vandalism or other illegal actions, you must immediately contact the National Police at "102".
In case of situations that pose a threat to electrical safety, the consumer, his management and or send a message to the e-mail [email protected], as well as notify by phone (048) 705-36-87, the relevant person Grammar Vladislav Fedorovich.
The notification must contain information about the name of the consumer enterprise, surname, name and patronymic of the author, means for further communication with him, description of events, still pose a threat to electrical safety. The subject of the appeal must indicate "Electrical safety hazard".