Energy efficiency

The metering and billing system (AMR - automatic meter reading) is an information system that operates on the basis of hardware and software and information technology to collect data, monitor the status of counters, store, archive, process and use information about gas accounting supplied by YU GAS LLC to consumers (industrial enterprises and public utilities).

The scheme of operation of the AMR system:


The radio moduleis installed on the gas meter to read data on resource consumption


The data hubreceives signals from the radio module, providing communication with the server via the Internet (LoRaWAN)


Dataon gas consumption by the company is available from any device with Internet access

The main advantages of the AMR system:

  • Daily monitoring of gas consumption, remotely via  internet;
  • Option of online payment for gas consumption;
  • Automatic detection of gas leaks;
  • The system can be applied to residential industrial counters;
  • Generating reports on gas consumption;
  • Integration with billing systems;
  • Easy installation of the system;
  • Successful experience in system operation;
  • Automatic sending of messages about exceeded energy consumption limits.