Consumer rights provided by current legislation

According to Article 58 of the Law of Ukraine "On Electricity"
 The consumer has the right to:

  1. to purchase electricity for own consumption under bilateral agreements and on organized market segments, subject to the conclusion of an agreement on settlement of imbalances and an agreement on the provision of electricity transmission services with the transmission system operator, and in case of connection to the distribution system electricity distribution services with the distribution system operator; or to buy electricity on the retail market from electricity suppliers or producers who produce electricity at distributed generation facilities, according to the rules of the retail market;
  2. change the electricity supplier under the conditions specified by this Law and the rules of the retail market;
  3. receive electricity of proper quality in accordance with the terms of the contract and electricity quality standards;
  4. for compensation applied in case of non-compliance with the quality indicators of electricity supply services;
  5. for compensation of losses caused as a result of non-fulfillment by its counterparties of the terms of agreements concluded on the electricity market;
  6. non-discriminatory access to the transmission system, distribution systems on the basis of agreements with the transmission system operator, distribution system operator in accordance with the requirements of the transmission system code, distribution systems code;
  7. access to information on activities in the electricity market in the manner and to the extent specified by market rules and other regulations governing the functioning of the electricity market;
  8. submit to the relevant electricity supplier, operator of the distribution system appeals and complaints, in particular on the quality of electricity supply, on the provision of electricity supply services and receive in the manner prescribed by law reasoned answers or notifications on measures to eliminate the cause of the complaint;
  9. submit complaints to the Regulator in accordance with the procedure for reviewing complaints and resolving disputes;
  10. receive from the relevant electricity supplier the information provided by the legislation and the terms of the contract for the supply of electricity to the consumer;
  11. receive from the relevant electricity supplier a notice of its intention to amend any terms of the electricity supply contract to the consumer no later than 20 days before making and in case of disagreement with the proposed changes to terminate the contract with the electricity supplier in the manner prescribed by the contract;
  12. other rights in accordance with the legislation and concluded agreements.