To get natural gas supply, the recipient has read the terms standard contract

List of duly certified copies of documents required for the conclusion of an agreement (ancillary agreement):
  1. A copy of the Statute and amendments to the Articles of Association, registered in the prescribed manner, certified by a notary;
  2. Excerpt from the Unified State Register of a legal entity (sole proprietor) or a copy of an extract from the Unified State Register of a legal entity (sole proprietor), certified by a notary public;
  3. Protocol decision of the participants (founders, shareholders, owners) on the appointment of the director and / or the person who signs the contract, the order appointing a manager and / or the person signing the contract, power of attorney (in accordance with the statutory documents);
  4. A copy of the certificate of registration of the value added tax payer is notarized, in the absence of such a certificate, in the event of a statutory provision, a letter in an arbitrary form, confirming the specified circumstances signed by the head;
  5. Copies of licenses or other permits (notarized) in cases provided for by law.

Copies of documents that are not subject to notarization are certified by the signature of the head of the counterparty or authorized person, which is confirmed by the power of attorney, and the seal of the enterprise.

Documents containing information in foreign languages ​​must be translated into Ukrainian or Russian, certified by a notary public or an official translator.

In case of expiration of the validity period of the license or another permit document before the expiration of the contract, a copy of these documents shall be provided as soon as they are received by the contractor.

The documents specified in this paragraph may not be required or required partially in the case of several contracts with a single counterparty for a period of 3 months and only if the counterparty has confirmed the absence of amendments to the listed documents.

The specified list of documents is indicative. In case of the need to provide additional documents, they may be claimed by the UG-GAZ subsidiary in the counterparty additionally.

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